Jessica (sweet_xmemories) wrote,

From NYC...

So I finally saw 2 new shows. Fiddler and Spelling Bee.

Fiddler- I liked it! I never saw fiddler and I really enjoyed it. Although Harvey, I'm sorry, I can't stand his voice. I mean don't get me wrong, he did a very good job with the show, but I just..can't. And it turns out, I KNOW SOMEONE IN THE CAST!!! Well acually it's my mom who knows them- but close enough. So now we are trying to go back and try to see him. Hopefully it will happen.

Spelling Bee- This was so cute! I loved it. And next time I go, I wanna be a speller. I got to meet everyone and they are so nice. Even Dan folger made sure his signature came out on my playbill. I love theater people.

Now my list is starting to slim down, but there is still a lot more Shows...

Light in The Piazza
DRS (again)
All Shook Up

It's a lot shorter, that makes me happy :)

p.s. I Finished Reading HP: The Half Blood Prince. It..was.. AMAZING! And Ali called me all the way from Florida. I miss her so.
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