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"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!"

The Tony's was awsome! I was please for all the wins except best leading Actress. I'm sorry, I haven't seen Light in the Piazza and I'm sure it's great, but Sutton deserved it. She looked disappointed afterwards. But knowing the fabilous Sutton she will be in something else shortly.

By the way, Hugh Jackmen should have his own show. He's hot, Talented and down right a sweet heart.

Boces Prom- It was it was.

Ok, finals this week, but that only means 2 full days of school! I couldn't be happier. But than, the best of all, CAP21 STARTS!!! I can't wait.

God looking @ my scehdule this summer, I'm gonna be booked.... ::In Cartmen's voice:: awsome!

I just want this week to fly by. I'm so, but yet so far. I have 2 full days left, but 8 days of studying for and taking finals. Although out of those 8 is 4 days is actually test taking.

I need a vaction...
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