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I love Halloween!

On sunday Oct, 29 I offically turned 19. 2 more years to go!

Can I just say Halloween would be the only reason why I would party on a tuesday. I love it!

Starting off my day with voice lessons followed by English and and very eventful theater movement class where everyone in class had to be dressed in costume . I of coaruse went as Wonder Women. :)

After taking many pictures, I went to make my spring schedule and I am taking 14 1/2 credited classes... Kill me now! but at least I have fridays off :)

At 5:59, I catched the train with friends from NCC which included Jesse Lyons, Cat, Jen and Laura. Except fopr Laura all were MacArthur alumni. kinda cool. Well we played a drinking game called, "Shot's at every stop." and so of coaruse on the Babylon line, there are too many, so before I got into the city, it was already party time. Thankfully I ate pizza before, so I took it very well and I was able to still be able to think clearly.

Taking the subway thinking I got off at 14th street, I got off at 16th, and to be honest I really wasen't sure how far I was from union square so I cabed it. I get out almost get killed from the big mosh pit of people who would't move until finally making it to union square.

Met up with Laura, drank, refreshed and went out for the night. Let me tell you, halloween in New York City is truley an experiance. You spent the entire time looking at everyone's costumes. So were really creative, cool to look at and the rest were sluts. After seeing most of the girls dress in some sort of slut costume weather it be a baseball slut, bumble bee slut, whatever you think it just reminded me of mean girls.

As we left the bulding these tourist came up to our group and asked if they could get a picture with us. I have to say, it was pretty cool. Than we all walked to Hayden, which is in Washington square park. That was where I saw every costume imaginable. It really was the coolest thing. Even though I didn't know most of the people, it was still great. Btw, Laura was Audrey from Breakfest at tiffany's. cute!

than we finally got to the parade which is where the real fun started. Walking around taking pictures and of coaruse running into the best drag queens. Afterwards we headed over to the Asian pub where we got $4 drinks! Pina Coladas are best frozen.

After that we pretty much headed back, but before we went back, we went and ordered a pizza pie. yum!

Than after we got inside, we ate pizza and watch pulp fiction. Still till this day I have not watch the movie in full, becuase after only 30 mins we all went to sleep.

Next morning, wake up and rush to catch a train, I of coaruse miss the 10:00 so I wait for the 10:38. t was fine, I just didn't have as much time when I got home. I than proceeded the rest of my day from there.

Halloween really was great this year and I'm so happy I got a chance to go out and celebrate. I'm 19 and I'm loving it! (no not the mcdonalds commerical just in general)

bye bye for now and btw Dane cook in 10 day and counting.
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