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Life can be "Sweet!"

I'm going to be Sweet Charity! (Well at least for 2 performances anyway)

To make a long story short, I was cast as Frenchy and the understudy of Charity. But I am offically going on as Charity, for 2 performances. This is so exciting, but I wish school would have ended already. I have this week and next week to worry about on top of doing Charity rehearsals. This week is the most pressure becuase I have a final this week I need to pass. I know I will pass it, it's just not leaving me a lot of time to study for it. I'm doing the show at the stage with the lovely Nicole Fox.

To be honest except for maybe Beauty and The Beast, this will probably be the last show I do at the stage. I have many great memories there, but it's time for me to move on. I'm greatufl for everything I have been able to do there, and what a great way to leave is to play charity. How sweet is that? ;)

I saw Spiderman 3 yesterday with Ali and I have to say, it's a big disappointment. I mean the action sequences was amazing, but the story wasen't strong. Espically since it was a big deal to make it more dramatic, it didn't live up to expectations. Which is upsetting considering it just need another revision and it would of been 10 times better.

I go back to rehearsals sunday night and than start this week and next week with finals. yuke!
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