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My Summary of the Past 2 Weeks!

Week of Feb 6

Sat 5. Open with Hercules, than saw Phantom of the Opera...the movie (I want to see the play now!)
Sun 6. It was a Sunday
Mon 7. Dance class @ Boces (Kick Ass!!), Than AMC Show, a very good time :)
Tues-thur. school, sleep.
Fri 11. Was told I was in the Inter Arts singing "Buddie Beware." and To be honest, I forgot what happened after that.
Sat 12. 2nd day of Hercules, both Nikki and Alex came to see me! (Went to eat after that) Than met up with Laura for Dinner (She got in2 Cap21!!!) than met Nat @ my house and watched "The Notebook."
Sun 13. I forgot what happened
Mon 14. Dance class (Placed), than ALi came over and worked on her movie for a contest.
Tues 15. Ali came over and worked on the movie again, only for it not not work at all. Blah!

Wed 16. AKA Yesterday: Inter Arts. Nikki, Keith and this kid from the dance department were amazing! I'm so proud of Nikki and Keith. I personal could of done better, but I got good feedback, plus I even impressed Nacy. Definatley a plus. Plus Danny came- yay!

And Today:

Boces, tests and that's just about it.

Tomorrow both of my tomatas leave me. Ones head to London the other Mexico. Damn them! Tomorrow I plain on hanging out with Nikki and Alex from Boces, it should be fun.

ok yesterday you know how it was raining? well...

So I'm on IMDB website and I look up the movie "The Ring" cause I was curious who also was up for and came in to read for the part of Rachel. As I scroll down the page, there was triva bullet saying that the website that the character goes to in the movie is a real website, but only it's a different address. Out of curiosity, I go to the web page and as it just finishes loading up, my computer, t.v. and all the electrity in my house goes out leaving me in the dark for a minute. Everything came back on for a mintue.

The only good thing about this story is, the phone didn't ring.
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