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Seuss rehearsal today was @ 9:00 in the morning...shoot me!

For some reason I have been craving for a krispy cream. I may honestly just run out n get one.

So I finally worked out the performances I'm doing for witness. I'm doing 6 shows, coutn them! 1,2,3,4,5,6! I'm acually happy about that, because now I have the weekend off when I have my 4 day weekend during passover. Nice!

Because my updates have been horriable let me fill you in.

Saw Spamalot!- FREAKIN AMAZING! I'm gonna try to go see it again. I really want to. Anyway, I got to meet: TIM CURRY, DAVID HYDE PIERCE AND HANK AZARIA! Woot woot! The only thing funny about the pictures I took with them is my brother sticking his head in. ::shakes head in shame::

In other news, Showboat went well. Everyone was so nice, I can't wait for Ragtime. My first show with Gina! Yay!

Not only that, first off not only getting into CAP21, but me, Laura and Gina are going! It's gonna be an amazing summer. I can't wait.

Basically, I've just been in rehearsals for everything. Including Boces end of the year show and everyother show on the planet. There was all these auditions that I wanted to go to, but I'm so tired and stress that I'm taking a break after Seuss goes up. In reality, it's just doing Seuss on the weekends and catching up on school. And for the next 2 months unfortunately, that's where my time is mostly has to be spent. In friggin school! God I never wanted summer to happen more than ever. At least by this time next year, I'm be in my last 2 months of high school getting ready for prom and graduation. Ah!! I can't think about school right now. blah!

Spring is here! And honestly I'm so happy. It means that I can finally start to really enjoy the weather. And take in that soon summer heat.

Well for now, this is Jess Signing off, with and a short Opera: Hello. I love you! Goodbye.
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